Sunday, April 15, 2007

Travelog: Munich

In April 2007, I took a trip to Munich, Germany to see the sights and visit my brother; it was the last stop for his Baroque orchestra on their European tour. He stayed a few extra days with me after his concert and we had a lot of fun being tourists with no schedule.

While I was traveling, I kept a scribbled shorthand journal on a hotel notebook; when I got back home, I thought it would be nice to turn my journal and photos into some web pages to help me remember all the cool things we did.

As usually happens with my "little projects," this one soon took on a life of its own and I've spent the last few days glued to the computer, adding little bits here and there until I finally have to just let it go and be done with it. I hope that you will enjoy reading about some of my adventures, and I really hope that you are inspired to take a trip of your own, whether it be to Munich or Tokyo or Houston or wherever you find interesting.

Links to my travelog:

Enjoy the journey!